F.&K. MFG. Co. Limited has been registered to ISO 9000:1994 since May of 1996, but most recently has achieved IATF 16949:2016 registration to better meet the needs of our automotive customers.

Quality - A Way of Life

At F.&K. MFG. Co. Limited, concern for quality affects every aspect of our business. All of our operations are IATF 16949:2016 registered, and we are committed to using quality systems to promote the continuous improvement of our operations.

Careful scrutiny begins with our raw materials and does stop until our products are shipped. Suppliers are selected for their ability to meet our high standards, and their materials are meticulously monitored to ensure compliance. Each manufacturing operation incorporates continuous testing and statistical process control (SPC) to ensure adherence to the highest standard. Our people are extensively trained to take personal responsibility for the quality of their work. At all of our plants, quality is everyone's job!

Our total dedication to quality has enabled us to meet or exceed the toughest standards in the military, automotive and consumer goods industries.



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